Booking Courtney Milan for Events

Please note: for climate reasons, Courtney is no longer engaging in air travel for business.


If you'd like to book Courtney Milan for an event, please email the following to

  1. A description of your event, specifying time commitment, travel, and so forth.
  2. The dates of your event, or if they're open, say they're open.
  3. The compensation you are providing for the event.Note: Courtney does not at this point have a set fee schedule, but as a general rule, she no longer speaks for free. She sometimes makes exceptions for this to benefit libraries, bookstores, and 501(c)(3) organizations where Courtney shares the organizations purposes. For places Courtney wants to visit, compensation may take the form of travel alone.
  4. Attest that your organization meets Courtney's standards for diversity and inclusion: that is, that you have Black people presenting in a capacity equal to or greater to whatever you are asking me to do, and that you are offering them compensation equal to or greater to what you are offering me.

Some general notes:

  1. I do not do Zoom events longer than 90 minutes; I don't have the attention span to manage such events gracefully. There are no exceptions to this.
  2. I am extremely unlikely to say yes to requests from RWA chapters.
  3. You will receive an auto response to the email you send, which will tell you that I will say yes by responding within 48 hours of your sending the email, and will say no by not responding within that time period.I am sorry that I will not be able to respond individually to all of your requests, but unfortunately I am extremely bad at answering emails. I have tried to pretend for more than ten years that I can be good at it if I just want it hard enough. This has not happened, and so it's time for me to embrace clarity instead of overconfidence.