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What do you do when your childhood best friend/long-time infatuation shows up with proof that you're actually a lord?

If you're Andrew Uchida, and you've worked hard not to be an earl, the answer is steal the evidence. The situation can't escalate that quickly. Can it?

out July 30, 2024

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Courtney’s newest release!

Even the best-laid plans of fraud cannot survive first (fake) engagement.

out October 17, 2023

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Website update notes

The cover for The Earl who Isn't is up now! Take a look!


Who is Courtney?

~lo! a misleading overview!~

Courtney Milan writes books about carriages, corsets, and smartwatches. She acquired a ridiculous amount of education, and then six months after graduating with her law degree, decided to use all her education to write romance novels. This was a brilliant decision. Responsible for 🦖and 🦕.

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