There's a bunch of extra content on this website.

Free Reads. Precisely what it says on the tin: things you can read (short stories in my book universes) for free.

Deleted Scenes and Other Extra Content. I've posted deleted scenes to my website. Now you can find them all in one place!

Enhanced Content. There are enhanced content ebooks (ebooks with audio, commentary, and pictures) of my earliest books. You can find that enhanced content for free on my website.

Recommendations. I recommend some other books, in case you are in want of reading material!

Mother of Dinosaurs. Have you ever wanted to read the proposal I wrote to the Unicode Technical committee about why we should have dinosaur emoji? Now you can.

Turner Series Extras. I was apparently feeling ambitious and/or full of time when I wrote the Turner series, because I made an entire page where I listed all the characters from the series as well as a description of the setting, with photographs.

Articles. A small smattering of extremely geeky legal history.

Downloadable fake book covers. Just what it says: fake book covers that you can download and print if you want to sound self important. Designed for mass market paperbacks.