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Courtney Milan’s Carhart series is now available in one boxed set. This set contains two full-length books and a novella.

This Wicked Gift. Lavinia Spencer is too poor to be anything but practical. But when her younger brother lands himself in trouble, she has no choice but to do the unthinkable. She accepts the help of the dishonorable man that she's always wanted, even knowing that it might mean her ruination...

Proof by Seduction. When Gareth Carhart discovers that his vulnerable young cousin is seeing a fortune teller, he vows to prove her a fraud. But he soon discovers that Jenny Keeble is far more than she appears to be, and before he knows it, he’s caught in her spell…

Trial by Desire. Lady Kate Carhart has no use for the husband who left her years ago. But when he returns, disrupting her carefully-laid plans, she has no choice but to distract him…any way she can.

Already have these books, but interested in the extras? The additional content is available on my website for free.

The Carhart Series Reading Order

½. This Wicked Gift | 1. Proof by Seduction | 2. Trial by Desire

Or get the entire series as The Carhart Series Boxed Set.

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