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My e-mail address is:

I read all my mail personally, and try to respond in a few days, but if you hit me during a period of disorganization it might take longer (weeks or even months). I really try to get back to everyone, but I am not the most organized person. (Understatement: I am a horrible flake.) Despite my best intentions, I am becoming less organized, not more. So sometimes e-mails fall into a black hole. I apologize in advance if this happens, but I assure you that I love getting mail from readers and really appreciate it. I thought long and hard about hiring someone to handle this, but the truth is, I’d rather respond to you haphazardly with the risk of failure due to my disorganization than have someone do it on my behalf.

If you’re interested in rights to any of my books, my agent is Kristin Nelson, of the Nelson Literary Agency.

You can meet me in person (and get books signed to you and your friends) by visiting one of the book signings that I will be attending. There’s a list of signings here. If you’d like me to sign books, please let me know and I’ll see if something can be arranged.

Alternately, if you want to sort of contact me, but, you know, not actually have to directly speak to me (which is okay), you can sign up for my newsletter.

You can also find me on various social media:

Finally, there are four other reasons why people contact me.

1. You want me to speak at a conference. I’m flattered, honored... and already booked through 2019. If you want to talk about booking something in 2020 or later please email my assistant Mel Jolly at

2. You want me to read your book for a blurb. I always want to read books for a blurb, but I am just not good at doing it. There is something about agreeing to read a book that makes me feel like it’s work, and that makes it hard for me to enjoy the book. Please feel free to ask, but again, I’m almost certainly going to say no. It’s really not personal. I say no to just about everyone.

3. You want me to be in some kind of joint authorial promotion group. Again, I’m honored and flattered that you’d think of me, but I do not join quid-pro-quo cross promotion groups. You can ask, but the answer to this is always going to be no.

4. You are offering a commercial service. Do not email me. Seriously. Do not. I am not nice about this. Yes, it is spam even if you personalize it, and yes, I do name and shame companies that repeatedly email me and do not comply with CAN-SPAM laws. I tell people not to use their services. That’s not what you want, is it?

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