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What is the Cyclone Series?

Short version: The Cyclone Series is about Cyclone Technologies, a massive technology company, its charismatic and foul-mouthed founder, Adam Reynolds, and Adam’s son, Blake Reynolds. It is therefore a series about the very large, on the one hand: huge companies, vast sums of money, and cults of personality. It’s also a series about the very small: interpersonal relationships, and all the many ways that family can tangle you up.

Long version: The Cyclone Series centers around Cyclone Technologies, a massive enterprise that spans multiple areas of technological innovation: servers, database software, cloud computing and cloud storage, personal computers, and consumer electronics. It’s one of the largest technology companies around, with a market capitalization of $413 billion—a number that puts it somewhere between Microsoft ($381 billion) and Apple ($622 billion).

Cyclone Technologies is run by the founder and long-time CEO, Adam Reynolds. Adam started the company as a purveyor of nimble, easy-to-use database administration solutions. Adam was 19 when he founded Cyclone; Cyclone started in his parents’ garage, and his parents provided the first round of venture capital. He has dominated the industry since with his charismatic ways. Much has been written about Cyclone’s cult of personality, especially since Adam Reynolds started using his young son, Blake Reynolds, in their advertising. Today, the father-and-son enterprise is one of the most-beloved technology brands.

Adam Reynolds is worth, by the latest count, $66 billion dollars, making him the fourth-richest man in the world—somewhat ahead of Larry Ellison of Oracle fame, and somewhat behind Bill Gates, of Microsoft fame. He owns 12% of Cyclone stock; his remaining fortune is vested in a diverse array of other industries.

There will be five books in the Cyclone series and change. Here are the five books: Trade Me is Tina and Blake’s story. Hold Me is Maria and Jay’s story. Maria is Tina’s best friend in Trade Me; Jay, you haven’t met yet. Jay has tattooes, rides a motorcycle, and plays with lasers. Find Me will circle back to Tina and Blake—after you read Trade Me, you’ll see that they need a little time to just exist as a couple before getting shoved out of their comfort zone once more. Find Me will also have some scenes from Adam Reynolds’s point of view. Finally, Keep Me will be about Ellie and Kenji, who you have not yet met. Show Me is going to be about Anj Choi, who you&ll meet in Hold Me.

Now, five books and change? What is the "change"? In this case, the "change" is going to be a couple of short stories, and …a five volume (sorry) (not sorry) arc about Adam Reynolds. It will span 25 years. It will ostensibly start with Adam in rehab. Each volume is going to be somewhere between 40,000 to 60,000 words long—in other words, about twice as long as a novella. I’m predicting the total length will be longer than the first three books combined. The set will be called What Lies Between Me and You, and it’s going to be here in 2017.

At this point—about a year and a half into writing this series—I think I can safely say that I’ve never been so effectively waylaid by a pair of characters before. I have no idea what anyone else will think of this, but this is going to be…interesting.

No, but what is the Cyclone Series?

timeline of books in Cyclone universe, with What Lies Between Me and You starting in 1992, and most of the books happening semi-concurrently in 2016

The Cyclone series is a set of books that spans 25 years, and yet simultaneously has a bunch of books all set around approximately the same time.

They are romances, basically, with one little asterisk that says (but be prepared, sorry). What subgenre of romance? Are they historical? Sometimes, if you think that 1992 is historical. Are they contemporary? I mean, they are set in contemporary times, but because Cyclone is a computer company, they have near-futuristic elements. Are they New Adult? Kind of, if you think that New Adult occasionally encompasses 50 year olds. They are casually diverse.

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