Emoji Threat Level

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I’ve often said that my release dates, when given, are only guesses. Even when I say that, though, this doesn’t give you an idea of how good or bad my guess is. Sometimes I say it’s mostly a guess and what I mean is that I’m flat out delusional about how long it will take me to get a book ready. Sometimes I say it and I mean that there are only cosmetic things left to be done, like proofreading.

So I am adding an emoji threat level to all release dates so you can see how good (or bad) the guess is right off the bat.

😱: I am giving people a date and honestly, you should assume it’s a complete lie. Really, don’t pay any attention to this.

😐: At this point, I’ve worked through most of the difficult problems in the book and as long as the less-difficult problems don’t give me fits, this date could be right.

😍: It’s basically all proofreading from here on out, and the release date is probably right.

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