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Birthday Gift

A short scene between Richard Dalrymple (Margaret’s brother from Unveiled) and Smite Turner (Ash’s brother from Unveiled). It makes more sense if you’ve read Unveiled.

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The Goddess of Small Things

A short (1500 word) story, set in Regency England. I wrote it two years before I was published, and it’s what convinced me I should give writing a try.

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In which Madame Esmerelda makes Predictions for the New Year

An ultra-short (800 word) story, in which one gets to see Madame Esmerelda from Proof by Seduction make predictions for the New Year.

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Dark Horizon

Short (1800 word) story, in which one gets to see Gareth Carhart from Proof by Seduction in Brazil, from the point of view of one of his servants.

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Foolishly, I promised to have a story up on September 28th. September 28th, 2010. Seriously. This is a cause for shame. I leave this placeholder up to underscore my deep embarrassment.

The Dangerous Book of Excerpts

A free download (1 MB filesize)
This book contains exclusive excerpts from Courtney Milan’s “This Wicked Gift” and Proof by Seduction, and Tessa Dare's Goddess of the Hunt and Surrender of a Siren.

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