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Oliver Marshall’s youngest sister, Frederica Marshall (nickname: Free), apparently has to have a book. This is it. The title might change.

Praise for The Mistress Rebellion

I haven’t written it yet, and so consequently, nobody likes it!

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code name

All my books get code names. And this one gets the code name of “Free breaks the author.”

I don’t want to be the kind of author who keeps adding books to her series. I know I do it with novellas—or at least, I did it with A Kiss for Midwinter, which was wholly unplanned—but entire books? No. Series have beginnings and middles and ends, and that is that!

One of my goals in writing the Brothers Sinister series was that I’d be able to explore a slightly new set of family dynamics in every book, so that even though you’d see the same characters (and they would play roles), there would also be new conflicts, new friendships, new families in every book.

I did not realize that this meant that sometimes I’d write characters that would be pushy and demanding and I would fall in love with them and close my eyes and not want to say farewell. I resisted. Oh, I resisted. I was not going to be That Author who kept Expanding her Series Forever.

Free kept on keeping on.

There’s a line in The Heiress Effect that I wrote and looked at and then cursed mightily, because if I put that line in the book, there would be no way that she wouldn't end up with her own book. But how could I leave it out? I couldn’t.

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