two truths and a lie

Truth or Lie: Courtney used to work on the site of a radioactive spill.


Back when Courtney was a scientist, she worked in the building where Seaborg discovered a bunch of elements. It had been recently remodeled—as in the very year where she started working there! It turned out that during the course of the remodel, they found a room in the basement entirely filled with cement. When inquiries were made, they discovered that in the days of yore, there had been a spill of radioactive stuff. These were the days before environmental impact statements—indeed, these were the days when elements were sent to the cyclotron at Stanford via carrier pigeon (that story may be apocryphal, seeing as how I had it from someone by the name of “Crazy Bob”). So at the time, the powers that be decided that filling the room with concrete would do the trick.

But now it was many years later, and space was at a premium. So in the remodel, they pulled out the concrete, supposedly cleaned up the room, and then said, “Hey, Courtney, here’s your new office! Bring your own Geiger counter.”

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