Enhanced ebooks

Enhanced ebooks are books with additional content, such as author commentary, pictures, audio and video.

On July 7, 2014, I released enhanced ebooks of all of my earliest works—This Wicked Gift, Proof by Seduction, Trial by Desire, Unveiled, and Unclaimed. This allowed me to release the books globally (they weren't available in all countries before) with the branding that I’ve established for myself with later books, and to offer This Wicked Gift as a standalone book.

I have set up the book so that the additional content does not interfere with the reading experience—you can read through the entire book without looking at it once (which is what some readers will want to do!). If you’re not interested in the additional content, you don’t have to read it at all. If you are, you will be able to jump back and forth between the text and the extra content.

The extra content consists of photographs, sketches, author commentary, some deleted scenes, and a few audio clips—some of just me talking, and others including interviews with Tessa Dare, Carey Baldwin, and Mr. Milan.

If you purchased these books in another format, or if your ereading device doesn’t support color photos or audio clips, don’t worry—(almost all) the content is available on the web as well, so that you won’t have to repurchase content or miss out on anything.

You can find the enhanced content here.

(I say almost all because some of the photos are of a National Trust house, and I don’t have rights to put those on the web.)