Soup with Noodles

Noodles in a brown broth with other things on the side: greens, shrimp, pork...
Soup with pork and shrimp and greens and other pretty things!

This is one of my favorite things that I ended up making! As you may know, I’m a wildly impatient cook, and yet somehow, this works out for me.


1) Carrots

2) Red Peppers

3) Chinese broccoli

4) 3 or 5 shrimp per person, peeled, deveined. Note:  if you peel these yourself, set aside the shells!

5) A few medium-thin slices of Barbecue Pork, Wedgeford Brown style (per person)

6) One recipe of hand-pulled noodles (serves 2) or just, you know... whatever noodles you have at home if you don’t feel like hand-pulling your own noodles.

7) 1 can of chicken stock, if you’re feeling super lazy. I used Fortune brand.

8) Green onions, thinly sliced on a very sharp diagonal

9) Sesame oil (tiny amounts! at the end!)

These are not hard-and fast ingredients! The only rules are:

* vegetables of different colors

* any kind of protein you want to put in (tofu! chicken! whatever!)

1) Toss your hand-pulled noodles at the bottom of a bowl.

2) Put the can of chicken stock in a small pot. Add a can of water to thin. If you have shrimp shells from above, toss these in the broth. Heat until the broth is almost boiling.

3) Cut your veggies (technically, you should have done that before you put the broth on, but if you’re like me, you vaguely only remembered it once the broth was on) into portions that will cook relatively fast and fit in your mouth. Thin slices of carrot maybe a quarter of an inch thick, very thin slices of red pepper (I use this vegetable slicer for very thin slices because my knife skills are Not Great), Chinese Broccoli in 3/4 inch stubs, et cetera. If you’re feeling Very Fancy, and you have a Fancy vegetable cutter go ahead and cut little stars or flowers out of your carrots. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it means they’ll cook faster (and you can use both the little flower shape, and the circle with the flower shape cut out of it—both are cute!)

4) Cook your veggies one by one in the broth. They don’t need to cook long. If you have super-thin red pepper slices, don’t even bother cooking them at all. The carrots will need 1-2 minutes, the Chinese broccoli maybe 2-3 minutes.

5) As you cook the veggies, pull them off and toss them in the bowl with the noodles in a vaguely aesthetically pleasing fashion.

6) Align the slices of pork in the bowl so that they look yummy.

7) Drop the shrimp in to cook. These won’t take long at all, and you don’t want to overcook, so watch—take them out when they’re pink and slightly curled. If you screw up and they’re overcooked, oh well, they’re still delicious.

8. Add these in to your bowl.

9. Now pull the shrimp shells from your broth, and then carefully pour the broth into your soup bowl.

TA DA. Yummy soup!