Steamed Wedgeford Bao

Bao after steaming: it’s opened up a little bit! And it looks vaguely okay?

I’m just going to say right off that if you want to know how beautiful these can look, just immediately go look at the recipe from The Woks of Life.

Oooh. Ah. Aren’t those amazing? Yeah, okay, mine are... delicious but not nearly as good.

I learned to fold (SUCH AS IT IS, I AM SORRY) from the video on their site.

Also, the recipe I used for the dough is basically a scaled down version of theirs, except I don’t use corn starch because I hate corn starch.

So I could either copy what they say, or do this...

1. One recipe of Wedgeford Bao filling.

2. The dough from this delicious char siu bao recipe, folded as suggested there.

Then just... follow their instructions, through to steaming these.

One of these days I will be good enough at these to offer additional comments, but I am Just Not There Yet, which is embarrassing because my entire book is built around these.