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quest In The Heiress Effect you had an interracial romance. Is there any chance you’ll ever have one front-and-center instead of a secondary pairing? Or any chance you’ll have a queer romance as a secondary/main pairing?

ans To the first question: Yes. (The answer of “yes” to this question means “I am already planning a book in which this is true.”) One of these is listed on my website already, here. The other(s) will be part of the series after The Brothers Sinister series. So, yes, definitely yes.

To the second question: Probably. (The answer of “probably” means that I have pieces of books that contain queer romances floating around in my head, but they haven’t quite gelled into the “book” stage and so I can’t commit to saying “yes” yet.) (I would also like to add that one of those pieces is actually a piece of book about a trans woman—which I really want to write—but I’m missing pieces still.)

To clarify, there is basically a 100% probability that I will write a queer secondary pairing at some point, possibly very soon. The “probably” goes to the question of writing a main pair.

quest When you first announced Free was getting a book, you mentioned that there was a line in The Heiress Effect that you wrote that told you Free HAD to have a book. What was the line?

ans “Maybe I’ll break the world.”

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