The Devil Comes Courting: A woman in a red dress with the sea in the background

The Devil Comes Courting

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Captain Grayson Hunter knows the battle to complete the first worldwide telegraphic network will be fierce, and he intends to win it by any means necessary. When he hears about a reclusive genius who has figured out how to slash the cost of telegraphic transmissions, he vows to do whatever it takes to get the man in his employ.

Except the reclusive genius is not a man, and she’s not looking for employment.

Amelia Smith was born in Shanghai, and taken in by English missionaries. She’s not interested in Captain Hunter’s promises or his ambitions. But the harder he tries to convince her, the more she realizes that there is something she wants from him: She wants everything. And she’ll have to crack the frozen shell he’s made of his heart to get it.


Code Name

All my books get code names. This one is called: DINOSAUR EMOJI. Yes, you read that right. DINOSAUR EMOJI. RAWR.



Excerpt coming soon-ish.


Content Notes

Content Notes also coming soon-ish