June 26, 2018 😍

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Where to Start?

If you’re just discovering my books and want to know what to read first, here are some recommendations. If you’ve already read all my books, and want to know which authors I enjoy reading here are some more recommendations.

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What’s New?

April 24, 2018

After the Wedding is out today! You can get it at: amazon us | amazon uk | iBooks | nook | kobo | google | smashwords | amazon print
I hope you all enjoy it!

April 18, 2018

I have finally added an excerpt for After the Wedding! It’s gonna be here next week!

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What’s Coming Next?

cover for the pursuit of...

The stand-alone version of The Pursuit of... will be out on June 26, 2018. 😍

(updated 4/18/2018)
This isn’t a guess.

cover for Find Me

Find Me: I used to tell you here that I needed to finish What Lies Between Me and You before this book could come out. Luckily, I have most of a draft of WLBMAY. What this means is that once FM comes out, there are around a half-million words I’ve written over the course of three years that you will finally get to read.

Release: 2018? 😱

(updated 4/18/2018).
Why is this only a guess?

cover for the devil comes courting

2018? 😱

(updated 4/14/2018)
Why is this only a guess?

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