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Welcome to Courtney Milan’s website. You can find out about me, the books I write, where you should start reading my books, and how you can find out about new releases... Or you can just dive right in and check out the site. There’s a lot on here, so make yourself at home.


Coming soon...

Captain Grayson Hunter needs a genius to complete his Chinese-language telegraphic code. He gets Amelia Smith. Genius? Yes. Disaster? Also yes. Absolutely, completely off limits? ...That, too.

out April 20, 2021

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Courtney’s Latest Release

out September 22, 2020

Jeremy Wentworth has been in love with Chloe Fong for as long as he can remember. Maybe it’s time he mentioned that he’s actually a duke?

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A boxed set of Courtney Milan's The Worth Saga

The first half of the Worth Saga is coming out in a box set in early December... and until January 5th, it's just $4.99 for 5 books and novellas. If you don't have any of these yet, now is the time to grab them!

Note: There is no new content in this boxed set; if you've already purchased them, there's no reason to get this again.

out December 22, 2020

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Website update notes

I've changed the way I book events. Details here.


Who is Courtney?

~lo! a misleading overview!~

Courtney Milan writes books about carriages, corsets, and smartwatches. She acquired a ridiculous amount of education, and then six months after graduating with her law degree, decided to use all her education to write romance novels. This was a brilliant decision. Responsible for 🦖and 🦕.

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